SteelBridge's award winning Virtual Art Department can take your next production 'virtually' anywhere.

The SteelBridge Virtual Art Department (VAD) is powered by Alt.vfx’s Award winning digital environment artists.  All VP environments are created within the Altvfx VFX pipeline and optimised for Unreal Engine and Virtual Production.  Australia’s most experienced onset VAD team integrates seamlessly with all production departments to ensure the very best outcome for your Virtual Production. 

SteelBridge VAD can produce static or dynamic Virtual Production ‘levels’, complete with wind, weather or sequenced background character animation using real-time digital doubles and props.

Our VAD produces all the real-time assets including characters, props and environments for both traditional previs and Virtual Production.

VFX Supervision

As a studio born from VFX (and well awarded for it), we can handle all VFX supervision requirements from supervising shoots of all sizes to storyboards, previs and tech vis.

VAD Artists

Our experienced team will help design and assess which set builds are practical and which will be digital. Capturing physical sets, virtually scouting digital locations and developing prelim environments for the DP to pre-light.

Creating Digital Assets

We can take your project specifications and design and build your digital assets. Offering volume testing and refinement of existing asset files, clients are assured their next production shoot will run more smoothly.

Lighting it up

Our specialist cinematographers and creative directors are ready to expertly light your virtual environment. LED walls in virtual production have opened up a new world of lighting possibilities to explore.


Taking the guess-work out of production/volume shoots, we provide a solid blocking foundation of 3D visualisation, storyboarding, animatics and rough edits. Think of it as your stress-test, your sandbox to explore before you shoot.

Virtual World Checking

Putting your supplied Unreal Engine environment through its paces inside our volume, our tech vis department can tweak/refine everything from performance, colour, optimisation and lighting – before shoot day!
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