Expert Motion Capture for gaming, visual FX, sports science and XR!

Since 1992 the SteelBridge motion capture team have been pioneering mo-cap solutions for the VFX industry and the performant capture space. Our dedicated Technical Directors, Rigging and Retargeting team have been able to capture and retarget motion capture from humans to animals (even fish) bringing exciting and realistic performance animation to hero digital doubles, crowds, animals, creatures and insects. 

Capture, cleanup and retargeting from anything to anything. 

Get in the game!

When it comes to games, SteelBridge has your back; and your front and your legs and your falls, jumps, tumbles and epic battles. 

With our multi player Vicon volume or our Xsens motion capture system, from start-up to triple AAA game studio, SteelBridge can cost-effectively speed up your animation pipeline for game play and in-game cinematics with our complete motion capture solutions.

Our services include: 

  • Full Body Motion Capture
  • Facial Capture 
  • Real-time Preview (Shogun or Unreal Engine) 
  • Previsualisation including Stunt Previs
  • Postvis 
  • Modelling – characters and props
  • Rigging / Retargeting 
  • Performance Direction
  • Capture Cleanup / Animation Services 
  • Onsite Animation Technicians 
  • Dry Hire
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